I’ve never been a fan of leopard print, it has always conjured up images of old bleach blonde women on cruise ships, Texas trailer trash or Amy Whinehouse (bless her) . None of which I think are a ‘good look’. However, and this feels like a serious case of deja vu coming back from london, but lately I have been seeing a few great looks with leopard, but more often than not I see some serious fashion crimes. So what makes leopard print work? or not work?

Here are my suggestions to help bring out the animal in you!

Wear one piece ONLY! Don’t go trying to mix and match leopard/animal prints…if your wearing leopard print shoes…that’s it, don’t be going adding anymore than that. its enough. You don’t want to look like road kill!
Dress up leopard print with chunky African ‘inspired’ ( I use the word inspired loosely, please don’t go all African ‘themed’) jewelry. Pair your outfit with a chunky gold, wooden or large bracelet in tan or cream. Day n’ Night…. An understated leopard print top with jeans and cute flats  will do well for an afternoon lunch  and a leopard print clutch or heels with your LBD for your night on the town. For a sophisticated and sexy look, try a touch of leopard/animal with a tailored black suite and fuck-off heels….hmmmm may try this out this weekend!

Good luck and happy hunting!


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