It seems, throughout my professional career, that the value of design and idea generation can be outweighed by the desire to make or save a few dollars.

It is my belief, and experience that in the world of design and architecture, the often costly process of design, creativity and idea generation can ultimately benefit a company proving to strengthen its corporate image, identity and ultimately financial wealth.

I have worked in a number of companies each with their own design and business philosophies, however it is evident that the company that valued the creative process of a designer, was ultimately the most successful. Taking the time to develop new ideas, philosophies and personal style not only enriched the projects but made for better designers, a happier workplace and company reputation as being innovative, creative and a leader in interior design.

 I feel that if a company is not willing to recognize the creative needs of its staff, they must be prepared to produce work that is rehashed, dated and display of cheap mass produced ‘crap’. Harsh you say? Yes indeed. I do realize that a business is as money making venture, but that it still needs to recognize their duties as a profession, not only to society but to the practice of design and architecture.



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