The Lollipop Shoppe is a modern furniture and accessories retailer. Founded in 2007, they are the new kids on the block. But with a successful premises in Brighton, a new one about to open in London and the start of their own product line on the cards, the Shoppe promises to be more than just another furniture store.

Our challenge was to create something that reflects the heritage of their large line of classic products from manufacturers like Vitra, that fits in with the contemporary brands like Established & Sons and that conveyed the straightforward nature with which The Lollipop Shoppe conducts its business.

On top of that, what was also important is that they trade in real objects, so we wanted to create an identity that didn’t have to only exist in two dimensions, an identity with the potential for three dimensions seemed far more fitting. We created a bespoke stencil typeface (part inspired by the 20th century modular stencils created by Josef Albers and Le Corbusier, but with a contemporary elegance). This allows the identity to be physical – it can be cut, it can be built, it can be stamped.

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