you know when you stumble across something and you instantly fall in love with it…even though your not 100% sure why you love it? with this is what happenened to me when i saw this stunning installation. I love how the panels so softly touch the existing building yet form huge structures in their own right. Designers SpaceOperaForm of Amsterdam and Los Angeles have created an installation at a former salt factory in Hallein, Austria, comprising translucent panels that react to the static charge of visitors. Called WhiteOut, the installation consists of parallel panels made of thermally-bonded polypropylene filaments, suspended from the ceiling. The screens move apart in response to the static charge of visitors walking between them, returning to their positions once people have passed. – DEZEEN

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  1. steph says:

    i love this installation. the movement of the panels without the need to touch them is totally gorgeous. love it.

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