Checked out the newly opened Luxx club the other week. Unfortunately I wasn’t that impressed with the fitout. I thought it was ‘just another neon club’ which seems to replicate that of other rival bars in London such as Movida, Maddox and the now closed Dolce. I just wish designers (or perhaps more so the clients) would see beyond the predictable partnership of neon and clubs. On a whole, the club seemed unfinished and for an exclusive venue the bathrooms were less than impressive. ‘We Heart’ would obviously disagree with me! heres what they said

“Bathed in the warm glow of retro 1980s neon style lighting, London’s latest ‘venue for the privileged’ – this is a 200 capacity, invite only affair – wouldn’t look far out of place as a set on a Scarface remake and could easily have inspired scenes from Grand Theft Auto. Whilst the reality my well be slightly more reserved, this is Mayfair after all, the sensationally chic minimalist interiors of Luxx – courtesy of Italian architect Rossella Stina – certainly offer the illusion of a desirably seedy 80s with it’s spectacular glass runway of light, black lacquer walls, frosted glass and those beautiful LED strips…..”

I must admit, I DID have a great night despite my feelings towards its design., and im sure I will no doubt be there over the coming few weeks….if not this weekend! check it out if you can.

To see more images click here

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One thought on “NEW CLUB : LUXX

  1. Amylee says:

    Very interesting blog and Luxx Club photos are very great.

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