I was really disappointed with Decorex this year…actually looking back I have never been that impressed with it. Dont get me wrong I think the organises do a fantastic job and the suppliers showcasing their wares put in a huge amount of effort leading up to the event… its just that I have seen it all before. I want to see new and exciting products, beautiful finishes and international suppliers. The Products that tend to be showcased seem to have a monopoly over the market, big business and great marketing.

There was however one stand out for me. Carpet Reloaded. Their stall was cool, contemporary and was the perfectly platform for their amazing rugs. I particuly love their Decolorized rugs.

 “This exclusive limited-edition collection brings together carpets from the first and second halves of the 20th Century and reinterprets and reinvents them in new, surprising ways.

Past meets present in a mix of ancient manufacturing know-how and contemporary design; models that have been decolorized and re-dyed, unthreaded and woven anew, cut and sewn back together by expert weavers who ably worked the original materials (cotton, wool, angora, black goat’s wool, hemp, mohair, linen) respectfully.”carpet reloaded



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