After a late night at work around 10:30 (following a series of previous late nights there) last week my friend called me up to see if I wanted to check out the opening night of the Judith Scott exhibition at Selfridges london. I was hesitant to go as I was well and truly knackered, however with a little convincing and the promis of champagne (nothing new there),  I headed over to Selfridges. I had been in my project ‘bubble’ for the past few week and I was completely oblivious to the goings on at the store leading up to this exhibition. To fill you in…Selfridges has created the most expansive art collaboration in the store’s history, exhibiting over 400 drawings, paintings and sculptures including the captivating works of Judith Scott. I knew nothing of Scotts work until I later read up on her, as you must do aslo. Displayed in the old Selfridges hotel which is now an empty shell, beautifully lit and hung I have posted a few of her works, and as I, completely unknowing to this artists background, hope that you viewing them now are as intrigued with these as I was. Form your own opinions as to whether you see them as art, or not, like them, love them or hate them… then read up on her here.

I left the exhibition buzzing and inspired. Please check it out if you get the chance, it closes on October 25th!!! hurry hurry!

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  1. Hello Everything fans!

    Due to popular demand exhibition #4.1 will now be open until the 6th of November.
    Join us up in the Old Selfridges Hotel for our last few days,

    The Museum of Everything

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