I caught up with some ex colleagues of mine last week for our usual ‘quiet meal and drink’ which typically ends up with table top dancing and espresso martinis galore. This was no exception. I honestly think that during our years at university they must subliminally teach design students to love champagne and live well beyond their means….but enough on that for the moment.

We booked a table at NOPI, a relatively new all day restaurant in the heart of Soho. Great food, great wine, and of course a great interior. Simple and sheek with white butchers tiles, brass and the most incredible marble floor. The interior was created by Alex Meitlis who in my opinion ‘does white well’. It was however the Women’s WC that excited me the most…yes the WC. A faceted mirror wrapped room with touches of highly polished brass, a single tom Dixon light and again the marble floor. It was a jewel box of infinity mirror work….with its only fault being that due to the endless reflections, the space clearly had caused some confusion among the clientele leading the restaurant to tape up a sign on one of the walls saying “exit this way”. Such a shame, as I don’t think I would have cared staying in there for a bit.

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