Dear Readers,

Im back! And it’s a brand new year…which means…new year’s resolutions.

I try not to make too many resolutions however this year my number one is to DO MORE BLOGGING! So in keeping with this promise to myself I have made a list of ideas in which I would like (and hopefully will follow through) to incorporate into the catchtag blog.

  1. Introduce the ‘guest blog’. Where I will hassle a few of my most talented and creatively minded friends to do a post on something that they find worth sharing.
  2. Attempt a ‘selby’esc post where I intrusively style and photograph a friends home.
  3. Post more inspiration images. At my work we use the most amazing concept images to sell a design or mood of a space. These images capture the essence of what we are trying to achieve and ‘con’ the client into. I am always trawling though hundreds of images each day so I thought “why not share some of these with you all.”!
  4. Write more… I am a terrible writer and I swear I have dyslexia (or perhaps just didn’t pay enough attention in class) so I will aim to write a little more about my thoughts on design, art and general stuff.
  5. Post more about London. I see so many amazing things in this incredible city I now call home, and I feel I should share these with my international readers.
  6. Highlight the many amazing designers that history has given us. I love to take inspiration for the design masters and since I started my new job my eyes have been widened to the many more I never new about.  I shall call this… the MONDAY MASTERS…or something equally as catchy.

And that’s about it!…wish me luck.

Xx Lauren.

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One thought on “2012 : YEAR OF THE BLOG

  1. RU says:

    Cannot wait to see what inspiring things you send us! X

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