So, I met Ji coming on 4 years ago now when I first moved to London, when working together on a large residential development in Belgravia. After we parted (professional) ways, Ji and I stayed in contact, not only as we became close friends but because we share a deep love of all things design, fashion and style.

As the first to feature in my new ‘INTRODUCING….’ posts, I thank Jino for answering all my questions whole heartedly and with the passion that she constantly exudes.

CATCHTAG. asks If you were…..

A moment in time
Ok I may sound like a bit of a bohemian…..and maybe I am one at heart….hahah one with very expensive taste is! The biggest luxury in life for me is time, I live such a busy lifestyle I cherish those special stolen moments with my closest loved ones.

A place
The desert. I love the desert. Its endless beauty. I love going into the desert and sitting there for hours.

A colour
Turquoise……and GOLD….and black….I love all colours.

The one thing you cant live without
Love. Without love you cannot design. You can’t feel that passion and emotion. The most powerful emotion one has.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everyday I get inspiration. Raindrops on the window can give me inspiration to design something unique and different like a crystal pattern on a wall panel. Everything around you everyday. My clients inspire me. They bring something new to every project, their taste and their style. My interpretation of their vision.

What designers do you admire?
Yabu Pushelberg, Kelly Wearstler and Alexander McQueen. There are so many but they are my top. I love AMQ because of how emotional his design is. You can walk away from his cat walk shows and feel sick yet inspired. KW for her brave approach to patterns and graphics. YP for their approach to refined luxury design.

What does design mean to you?
It’s my Life.

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