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Berlin firm ART+COM just completed this stunning new kinetic sculpture in Terminal 1 of Changi Airport in Singapore. Kinetic Rain consists of two sets of 608 suspended raindrops made from lightweight aluminum covered in copper which are raised and lowered in a 15-minute computationally designed choreography controlled from motors embedded in the ceiling. ART+COM created a similar though somewhat smaller piece for the BMW Museum in 2008.

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I have just got back into the office from visiting this amazing property at 15 Pembridge Gardens, Notting hill, London. I was fortunate enough to have a peep inside this immaculate home of interior designer, and fellow Aussie, Peter Mikic. Incredible eclectic furniture pieces (my favourite being a stiletto antique brass capped leg console), brave use of colour (unknown I find to period homes in London), contemporary British art collection and bespoke lighting to die for!! They also happened to be shooting the cover for the next Harpers Bazaar featuring an actor from Downtown Abbey……

I’m now buzzing with inspiration!

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Beautiful interior photography by Massimo Listri, perfectly capturing volume and detail. love.

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Beautiful hand cut paper letters by Californian artist Annie Vought.

Handwritten records are fragments of individual histories. In the penmanship, word choice, and spelling the author is often revealed in spite of him/herself. A letter is physical confirmation of who we were at the moment it was written, or all we have left of a person or a time.

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Another WTF moment….that turns into wooooow…WTF.  Serretta, is an ex judicial university researcher and professor turned art collector/dealer  whose concept of the home is “based on the principle of mobility and weightlessness, a structure that is easily moved with very low masonry costs where the designed volume can be easily dismantled and shipped away.” (Serratta).

This space is truly imaginative, and must have been an absolute feat to execute. Amazing textures and pockets of light fill this bizarrely beautiful home, this is certainly a new take on Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s house in Bedrock!


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On March 11 this year, people in India and other countries with large Hindu populations celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colours.

I know Im a little late….but colour should be celebrated everyday! so here are my fave pics of the festival.

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for milan design week 2012, dutch design company booo! studio asked three designers to each create two pendant lamps:
a special edition and a production model (costing under 100 euro to make) that share an interesting approach to design.
swedish design group front developed ‘surface tension lamp’ and ‘lampshade bulb’, drawing their ideas from the long life
of an LED bulb, which generally lasts for almost ten years.

I think these would be great as an installation in a Bar….

via Design Boom

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The Golden Set
A set of 15 paper envelopes

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Painting is one thing that I absolutely love but do not do enough of … if at all. Every summer I plan to buy a canvas and paint away in the sunshine on my roof…but the sheer logistics of getting a large canvas into my house, paired with my total indecisiveness as to ‘what’ to paint always seems to stand in my way. However 2012 is the year of getting things done and living life to its fullest. So once the sun is shining (I do live in London so please bear with me).. I WILL paint. I may even paint and post!

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