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check out JLD’s incredible exhibit at this years AD interieurs, Paris. As I am speechless I will leave it to JLD to describe and explain this luuurvely interior…however as I read this I cant help but hear the words in a sexy french accent…almost pepe le pew like?!

“The initial concept was to portray a maximum of richness and opulence, but in the most contemporary way possible. In classical decor, every millimeter has a specific treatment, finish and pattern. In this space, the accumulation of different effects provides a sense of completeness, sophistication, and lushness to the décor.”

“In this exhibit, I wanted every element of the architecture and furnishing to be excessive. The theme is ‘Imaginary Voyages’ so I created a décor that would give an extreme interpretation of the theme; nothing realistic, nothing common or anticipated, nothing ever seen before or imagined…mingling risk, audacity, and high decoration.”

“I have coined this new style ‘Contemporary Maximalism’. I wanted a real show piece, so I designed the décor as a complete artistic interior installation. I wanted the public to be able to experience an over the top interior bursting with drama and fun. The composition and scale was the key; to have mass, space, volume, shadow, light, juxtapositions, and direct dialogues between the interior architecture and furnishing.”

“I selected a motif which at first simply seems graphic but which is in fact very complex and ornamental. It is very rich with not a single straight line. The concept behind using the same exact pattern but in various different scales was to limit the cacophony. The idea was not to create a dizzying effect but the opposite. For the eye to be able to slide over the space and each element therein, as not one square inch of the space has been ignored. As well as the ethnic and imaginary notions behind my theme, I included pieces manufactured from more than a dozen different countries so as to represent my love of travel, different destinations and local craftsmanship. The pattern is featured in the smallest scale on the wall and crown upholstery, almost disappearing into the scene, but still gives a backdrop and substance to all the other elements.
That fabric, bearing the motif that serves as the base element in the design, is composed of wild silk and manufactured in Thailand.The immense screen features another rendition of the motif, painted behind glass by a talented decorative painter who specializes in paint on glass techniques. A very large fireplace covered entirely in mosaics of distressed mirror was developed using the motif on yet another scale. I commissioned Jean-François Lesage, who is based in India, to manufacture a large screen to be embroidered with leather laces, bone pearls, raffia, parchment appliqués and bronze thread. The wooden paneling in the vestibule was manufactured to include three layers so as to create a 3 dimensional effect with recessed volume, cut-outs, and projected pieces. As for the carpet, a fragment of the base motif was blown up to fit the scale and define the furniture layout. It was manufactured in China, using various different weaving techniques. The pattern featured on the carpeting defined the sofa and coffee table design and geometry. The sofas were manufactured by Jean de Merry in Los Angeles, and are covered in six different Italian linens to create shadows and accentuate movement. Fragments of the same motif are found in the 68 intricate pieces of distressed bronze and parchment of which the extravagant chandelier is composed.

In general, the perspectives are completely abstract; losing sense and logical balance. The visitor senses a two-, three- or even multi-dimensional effect.

A poetic, dreamy, surrealistic décor… exactly as I intended., I had so much fun putting it all together with no limits.”

all words and images thanks to  the style saloniste.
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