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Well this post is slightly past its used by date, but still it must be said that one of this years design highlights has been the PAD fair in Berkeley Square this October. The fair showcased some of the most prominent international galleries from major cities across Europe, North America and Asia.  PAD is London’s leading fair for 20th Century art, design and decorative arts and I must say truly it inspired me with the collection of contemporary art, craft, antiques and sculpture. Below are a few of my favourite stands, click to see the gallery link.

The below three images were taken from the Pearl Lam Gallery (above), of a sculptural piece of furniture designed and made by Shanghai based designer Danful Yang. Her works are  a cross cultural and playful mix of objects and materials used in often unexpected ways. I loved the level of detail in this piece and the used of semi-precious stones.

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So as some of you may be aware, there is a HUGE Easter egg hunt that is taking place in London this year. 200 eggs are scattered around London. These egg-traordinary eggs have been created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers. I have been spotting them all over the place and think that they are definitely blog worthy…so as I stumble across them I will post some of my favourites. Im not sure who designed this baby…but I will find out and post shortly.


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I caught up with some ex colleagues of mine last week for our usual ‘quiet meal and drink’ which typically ends up with table top dancing and espresso martinis galore. This was no exception. I honestly think that during our years at university they must subliminally teach design students to love champagne and live well beyond their means….but enough on that for the moment.

We booked a table at NOPI, a relatively new all day restaurant in the heart of Soho. Great food, great wine, and of course a great interior. Simple and sheek with white butchers tiles, brass and the most incredible marble floor. The interior was created by Alex Meitlis who in my opinion ‘does white well’. It was however the Women’s WC that excited me the most…yes the WC. A faceted mirror wrapped room with touches of highly polished brass, a single tom Dixon light and again the marble floor. It was a jewel box of infinity mirror work….with its only fault being that due to the endless reflections, the space clearly had caused some confusion among the clientele leading the restaurant to tape up a sign on one of the walls saying “exit this way”. Such a shame, as I don’t think I would have cared staying in there for a bit.


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I have seriously spent the past 2 weeks (maybe 4) thinking up and creating this years Halloween costume. Im not going as any thing as such…more inspired by. Ive decided to channel Daphne Guinness for the night, which means white streaks, fierce fashion, killer heels and of course some incredible jewellery. My costume cried out for big bling bling earrings so I headed straight over to Uk jewellery store Butler and Wilson. AMAZING stuff, if you like things to be a little OTT from time to time. I could have bought the entire shop out! 

(my earrings) 

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Fluorescent tube art seems to be all the rage these days. Check out some of my favs that I have seen of late.
and once again…some of my iphone photos do not do the artist justice.

Anselm Reyle – Saatchi London

Anselm Reyle – Saatchi London

Bjorn Dahlem – Saatchi Gallery

Dan Flavin – LV

Dan Flavin – unknown

Tracey Emin – LV Bond street

Gang Hair – Adelaide

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Perhaps it was the endless mojitos, dreamy waiters, or  the swarms of fashionistas….but as I sat in LV, drooling over the luscious fabrics and incredible metal work, I was in London Fashion Week Wonderland. The perfect opportunity to get the ol’iphone out and take a few happy snaps of the Peter Marino designed LV store.

I love this time of year in London, everyone is back from their summer holidays in Ibiza, tanned and fabulous, the city is bustling with energy and overflowing with inspiration. No doubt the next few weeks will have drunk my weight (x5) in champagne. god help me.

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HOLY CRAP! im so in lurve with mawi at the mo, and if I was a millionaire…id buy the entire collection….of every season.


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I had the pleasure of dining at the newly opened Dishoom (Upper St Martins Lane
. London) last week, apart from the one and a half hour wait (proving its current popularity) I absolutely loved it and already planning my next meal.


The laidback Indian restaurant is based on the concept of Irani cafés in Bombay. An institution which earns a fond place in the hearts of Bombayites, regardless of caste and class, by reliably providing a cheap snack, a meal, or just a cup of chai and a refuge from the street.


The restaurant is split into two spaces; lower ground, which caters for larger table bookings and has a small bar nestled in the far corner where one can have pre drinks before being seated. The upper level (ground) has a much more relaxed feel with casual 2-4 people tables flanked by a busy open kitchen.


The fit out is a quirky, vibrant and yet a sophisticated translation of a traditional Indian café. Beautiful red, green and blue blown glass shades drop randomly from the ceiling, swooping down low over the dining tables. The wc was strangely a real highlight of the fit out, with glass fronted ‘medicine’ cabinets displaying miscellaneous Indian remedies like ointments and tiger balm.


The restaurant featured an article on the design of the space and is definitely worth a read.



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Checked out the newly opened Luxx club the other week. Unfortunately I wasn’t that impressed with the fitout. I thought it was ‘just another neon club’ which seems to replicate that of other rival bars in London such as Movida, Maddox and the now closed Dolce. I just wish designers (or perhaps more so the clients) would see beyond the predictable partnership of neon and clubs. On a whole, the club seemed unfinished and for an exclusive venue the bathrooms were less than impressive. ‘We Heart’ would obviously disagree with me! heres what they said

“Bathed in the warm glow of retro 1980s neon style lighting, London’s latest ‘venue for the privileged’ – this is a 200 capacity, invite only affair – wouldn’t look far out of place as a set on a Scarface remake and could easily have inspired scenes from Grand Theft Auto. Whilst the reality my well be slightly more reserved, this is Mayfair after all, the sensationally chic minimalist interiors of Luxx – courtesy of Italian architect Rossella Stina – certainly offer the illusion of a desirably seedy 80s with it’s spectacular glass runway of light, black lacquer walls, frosted glass and those beautiful LED strips…..”

I must admit, I DID have a great night despite my feelings towards its design., and im sure I will no doubt be there over the coming few weeks….if not this weekend! check it out if you can.

To see more images click here

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